GSEMM was founded in 2007 by Silvio Rodrigues. Throughout his time within the music industry Silvio has worked for some of world's leading brands and clubs: Club Lido in Boston, Pacha, Cielo, Sullivan Room, and Brazilian Day Festival all in NYC to name a few. From this experience GSEMM benefits from having highly skilled staff that cover all aspects of event management from planning to production to promotional campaigns. As well as having a wealth of event management experience, Silvio Rodrigues has represented internationally recognized names on the DJ circuit on GSEMM roster.

"We took our structure to what is best in the entertainment market. The fact that both operate on the side of managing the casting of our artists as advice on events allows us insight bilateral unique in this market, it gives us a very big strategic advantage".

GSEMM provides professional DJ talent for promotions, events, festivals and night clubs.


GSEMM, as an agency, strives to set the benchmark in the industry by delivering a professional and comprehensive service to all artists on the roster whilst working with the world's top venues and promoters.


Belocca | Bruno Limma | Eddy Cabrera | Evan Halls | Fabricio Moraes | Francesca Marcilio | Ivano Bellini | Jose Jimenez | Karlos Leon | Kevin Lofaro | Leo Casagrande |  Liz Mugler | Manuel De La Mare | Michel Moraes | Niki McNally | Ray Briones | Sandro Peres | Sasha Agram | Sergio Fernandez | Silvio Rodrigues | Soneec | Stephan M | DJ Teresa | Vandersames.


Our talents have been playing in venues such as Pacha NYC, Pacha Ibiza, Pacha Buzios, Pacha Buenos Aires, Cielo, Ministry of Sound UK, Distric 36, Space Terrace Miami and Electric Zoo  to name but a few.


Our management is one of the most experienced agents of electronic music and management for bookings with national and international expertise in emerging markets.  

GSEMM agents recommend to you today's most talented DJs and promotional team, so you can be assured of a reasonable fee yet an extremely professional performance.

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