Eddy Cabrera Del Toro (ECDT) has lately had a lot on his table. From productions for Hoxton Whores, Lucas Reyes, The Henchmen, Francesco Diaz, Jerry Ropero and Tom Novy, to releases on labels like Ministry Of Sound, Joia/Nero, Interlabel Music, Wormland Black.

As a DJ and entertainer Eddy has during his 20 years in the industry, done everything you can think of and played the most prestigious clubs, venues and discotheques in the world. The saying goes that  "The party is always where Eddy is and it comes with him everywhere he goes".

Best known for the re-make of REM's Loosing My Religion, (Ministry Of Sound, Joia, Blanco y Negro, DJ Center, Building Record Brazil) alongside his friend and music colleague, Thomas Gold, Eddy Cabrera Del Toro (ECDT) now works with new abilities and future artists, as an A & R Manager at Jerry Roperos record label "Interlabel Music".

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