The New York City club scene in the early 90’s served as a foundation to what would become his passion for House Music and launch his career by the mid/late 90’s at a time when NYC was booming with mega clubs. His clubbing days ate Sound Factory (old and new) Palladium, Tunnel, Limelight and Twilo had a profound affect on his career, shaping his style of playing and production.

Djing at major clubs such as PACHA (NYC) Avalon (NYC), Branch, Saci, Vue, Gemini and the world famous after hours ate Le Souk as a resident Jock. During this time he began taking production lessons with friends and creating his own record label called INDUSTRY OF HOUSE.

The world first took notice of Briones with his first single called Dark Samba released under the label Fatal Music Making it to the top charts of the best DJ’s in the world such as Tenaglia, Calderone, Vibe and Chus and Cebbalos just to name a few. Working ate his home and Calegari’s studio they have teamed up with Fatal Music to rock the world and bring to there audience through there DJ Sets a NY experience that few can carry on there backs

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