Sergio Fernandez is one of the most relevant electronic artists of our times.  During the last years he has received several nominations, granted by Spanish Deejay and DJ1 Mags, for
best Spanish DJ, Best Progressive & Tech House DJ, best Tech House producer, best remix - with “Unforgettable Summer 2010 Vision Main Mix” on Insert Coin Records, and best breakthrough label - with his own imprint Insert Coin Records. Best tech house track - with “El Son te Llama” on Spinnin Records award.

Sergio Fernandez has already released two fantastic albums
“Mob Rule” 2008 and “Angel or Demon” 2010, on one of the most prestigious labels, Uk imprint Baroque Records. Both were critically acclaimed and recieved commercial success. By the end of 2009, Chris Lake found Sergio Fernandez´s talent asking him to remix his new single together with Deadmau5 “I Said” for Mau5trap Records. He has also released original works and remixes on the best international labels, such as Toolroom, Cr2, Starlight, Plastic City and of course, his own label Insert Coin Records.

Many of Sergio Fernandez’s works have become hits and are fully supported by heavyweights such as
Richie Hawtin, Roger Sanchez, Dave Angel etc..

With more than 12 years of professional career, he is an
Official ‘Ableton Live’ artist in Spain. Sergio has performed and played his music in more than 25 different countries Inc. Japan, U.S., France, Italy, Canada, China, Morocco, Russia, Bulgaria, South Korea, Greece, Poland, etc… and worked alongside DJs such as Eric Prydz, Sander Kleinenberg, David Guetta or Cristian Varela, and also in the most important clubs & events around Spain

In 2010 he set upon a new adventure, being part of some official Toolroom Kinghs events worldwide.

His style varies from exquisite
house to more intense tech house beats. One of the most important facets of Sergio´s performance is the balance he strikes between his pure technique as a DJ and his ability to transmit great energy into the crowd.

His sessions are frequently broadcast in the best radio stations all over the world, such as
Proton Radio, DI FM, Frisky and Paris-On. He has also been the guest DJ in Mixximized, the official radio show of Eddie Amador. He is the also director and radio host of his own radio show / podcast “Emphasis”.

Hard work in the studio & DJing around the globe - the perfect combination, which are making him
one of the most important names of the global electronic scene.


Artist Albums

-Sergio Fernandez “Angel or Demon” Baroque Records 2010
-Sergio Fernandez “Mob Rule” Baroque Records 2008


-10 years of Beat Freak Recordings compiled by Sergio Fernandez. Beat Freak 2007
-The Underground sound of Madrid 2006 mixed by Sergio Fernandez. Beat Freak 2006

Original works (singles)

-Sergio Fernandez “Nefertiti” Monique Musique 2010
-Sergio Fernandez “Baloncesto Femenino” Toolroom 2010
-Sergio Fernandez “Zoomer” Cr2
-Sergio Fernandez “Coral”
-Sergio Fernandez & D Low "Tentaciones" Plastic City 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "Playa del Carmen" Toolroom 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "Cabal" Insert Coin 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "A Bailar" Starlight 2010
-Sergio Fernandez “Narimbo” Nervous Records 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "Samsara EP" Leaders of the New School 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "Tetris" Insert Coin 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "Time to Change" Spinnin 2010

-Sergio Fernandez & Luca Ricci "Jazzin" CR2 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "Jam Sax EP" Leaders of the New School 2010
-Sergio Fernandez & Norman Bias "Shinobi" Insert Coin 2010
-Sergio Fernandez "Ibiza by Night" Baroque 2010
-Sergio Fernandez & Mario Plaza “From Apes to Humans 2010 Vision Mixes” Insert Coin 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “Africa Rules” Baroque 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “Salvation” Baroque 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “Unforgettable Summer 2010 Vision Mixes” Insert Coin 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “El Son” Spinnin 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “Sarkis – Opera Primus” Baroque 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “Iwoma” Tolerant 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “Tokoloshi” Baroque 2009
-Sergio Fernandez “Lost in Rio” Baroque 2008
-Sergio Fernandez “Change the Tempo” Baroque 2008
-Luigi Daniell & Sergio Fernandez “Afterhour” Beat Freak 2008
-Sergio Fernandez “Renaissance” TUSOM 2007
-Sergio Fernandez “Space Salt” Beat Freak 2007
-Sergio Fernandez “Genetics” Digital Freak 2007
-Sergio Fernandez & Angelo Posito “Acid Connection” Intenso 2006
-Sergio Fernandez “Shake the WMC” Beat Freak 2006
-Sergio Fernandez “Unforgettable summer 2006” TUSOM 2006
-Sergio Fernandez & Mario Plaza “ La Tormenta ” Sun Coast Sound 2006
-Sergio Fernandez & Mario Plaza “Expreso Solar” RPO 2006
-Sergio Fernandez “Hypnotize” Distinto 2006
-Alvaro Martín & Sergio Fernandez “Negative minds” Solar 2005
-Sergio Fernandez “Unforgettable summer” TUSOM 2005
-Sergio Fernandez & Mario Plaza “Akuaba” Distinto 2004
-Sergio Fernandez & Jota de Miguel “Life or death” TUSOM 2004
-Sergio Fernandez “Ethnic Flavour e.p.” Tanga Tech 2004
-Sergio Fernandez & Mario Plaza “From apes to humans” TUSOM 2003
-Sergio Fernandez & Mario Plaza “Percussive adventure” TUSOM 2003


-Alex Young & Scella “2012” (Sergio Fernandez Remix) Kraft 2010
-Chris Coco & Captain Bliss “Harmonica Track” (Sergio Fernandez Remix) Leaders of The New School
-Karim Haas feat Claudia Kennaugh “Read my Mind” Spinnin 2010
-Deadmau5 vs Chris Lake “I Said” Sergio Fernandez remix. Mau5trap 2010
-Submission Dj & Javier Elipe “Caveman Ninja” Nicolas Ojesto & Sergio Fernandez remix. Insert Coin 2009
-Ellectrica “Lazy Sunday” Sergio Fernandez remix. Ellectrica 2009
-Robert G Roy “Undertaker” Sergio Fernandez Remix Baroque 2009
-JP Candela & Vlada Asanin “Jungle” Sergio Fernandez remix. MADcity 2009
-JCB “Warcraft” Sergio Fernandez Remix. Insert Coin
-Gianluca Motta Feat Randolph “Run To You” Sergio Fernandez Remix WeLoveMuzik 2009
-Saeed Younan “Kumbalah” Sergio Fernandez Remix. Younan Music 2009
-Silence Slam aka Stan Kolev “Devoted” Sergio Fernandez Remix. Outta Limits 2009
-Dj Chus vs Niki B & Christian EFFE “Hossa” Sergio Fernandez remix Stereo Productions 2009
-Massimo Santucci “Syncoped Bytes” Sergio Fernandez remix Timbee 2009
-Ariel “Dime Cuando” Sergio Fernandez remix. MyDust 2009
-Ismael Rivas “Funktion” Sergio Fernandez remix. Factomania Digital 2008
-Nic Chagall “What you need” Sergio Fernandez remix. High contrast 2008
-Marcelo Castelli “We are the Dance” Sergio Fernandez remix. South American House 2007
-D-Formation & David Ferrero “What u want” Sergio Fernandez Remix. Yoshitoshi 2007
-Kourosh & Ric M “Tribal dream” Sergio Fernandez Remix. Emmo 2007
-Pablo Briales & Ruben Cano “Delirium” Sergio Fernandez remix. TUSOM 2007
-David Lara “Unbelievable” Sergio Fernandez remix. Beat Freak 2007
-Dario Nuñez “Hybrid” Sergio Fernandez remix. Sun Coast Sound 2006
-Jade feat. Engeline “Jade” Sergio Fernandez remix. Stereo 2006
-Javith & Salazar “Orinoco” Sergio Fernandez. Distinto 2005
-Martin Bros “Afterburner” Sergio Fernandez remix TUSOM 2004

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